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Your Financial Advisor.

Together towards your success and financial prosperity, at every stage of your life.

My financial services

life insurance - disability insurance

Life insurance

Protect your loved ones' future in the event of unforeseen events

personal insurance - disability insurance

Health Insurance

Insure your financial health against unexpected medical expenses.

insurance - disability insurance

Disability Insurance

Secure your income even if you are unable to work.

travel insurance - accident insurance

Travel insurance

Travel with peace of mind with the right coverage for every adventure.

investments RRSP REE Celi CeliAPP

Savings & Investments

Optimize your savings and retirement with tailored investment solutions.

I offer personalized investment solutions to optimize your savings and prepare for your financial future with complete peace of mind.


Whether you're planning for retirement with an RRSP, financing your children's education with an RESP, or maximizing your savings with a TFSA and FHSA

, I have the right options for you.


In addition, my segregated funds offer investment opportunities with capital protection. Together, let's build a portfolio that supports your long-term ambitions.

About me

The definition of success can vary from one person to another, but ultimately, whether you are young or old, wealthy or less fortunate, choosing my advisory services and following my advice for every financial decision—whether it's planning for your children's education, purchasing real estate, managing your movable assets, or planning your retirement—ensures the achievement of three major goals: building, preserving, and growing your wealth.

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